Sempre Moscow

Moscow is a stressful place, and it is at this exact location we created the Sempre Restaurant. It serves as an ‘Embassy of Freedom ‘. When you step inside, Moscow’s strict law no longer applies, our free-minded spirit all the more.

The interior has a calming effect thanks to real plants and natural materials only. Plastic and refined materials are banned, as Sempre believes in the good vibrations of nature. The place is filled with greenery, and big open windows connect the in and outdoors. The interior sparks curiosity and transports you to an exciting mystical world with no end. And yet it all feels cozy and vibrant at the same time. ⁠

Sempre’s cuisine has a pseudo fusion (or should we say confusion) character based on a mono-product concept. Not based on cultures, regions, or religions but experiences, tastes, and emotions.

The focus is on good technique, seasonability, and sustainability – on boundless creativity. Our food has attitude, personality, and honesty and is humble without excess or ego.

So come on in, and leave the outside world at the doorstep!

Sempre Moscow